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Could Your Home Be Giving You Bronchitis?
bronchitisConstant exposure to irritants around your home may lead to a condition known as Bronchitis. Things like tobacco smoke, dust, and other air pollutants in your home may cause your airways to become swollen, produce excess mucous, and give you a painful and frequent cough.

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Hey Sport ... Watch Your Asthma!!
sportDid you know exercise can trigger an asthma attack? Well, it can. That's why it is very important for athletes with asthma to closely monitor their breathing and keep their rescue inhaler with them during all sporting activities. If you have asthma, be sure and talk to your doctor before starting any new sporting activity.

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Daily chores leave you gasping for air?
short of breathMany people with lung disease find that daily activities such as walking to the mail box, washing the dishes, or taking a shower, can leave them gasping for air. This is known as "shortness of breath" or "being short of breath". Shortness of breath makes life very miserable and is very scary while it is happening. Getting relief for this condition can help you get back into the game of life.

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Holiday Dinners Can Take Your Breath Away
Pumpkin PieThe holiday season finds many people gathering around the dinner table with family and friends. It's a festive and fun time of the year. However, people with emphysema, COPD, or other lung disorders will want to go easy at the dinner table to make for a more enjoyable time.

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Is snoring draining your energy level?
yawnMore than 25% of adults snore.  In many cases, snoring is harmless and, at most, annoying to the people that have to sleep with a person that snores.  However, in severe cases, snoring can lead to a serious condition called obstructive sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea can prevent you from getting "restful" sleep and may leave you with very little energy to start the day each morning.

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